The mission of Clearpoint Psychology is to provide an array of services based in psychological science and the humanities to help others desiring to live with intention and integrity. In other words, the mission is to invite others into conversations about what matters most to them in order to promote their sense of wholeness and purpose in the world.


Living with intention and integrity involves both whole-hearted engagement in meaningful and dignified activity that makes use of our strengths and passions, as well as, thoughtfully working with our difficulties and conflicts. Embracing these values involves a willingness to acknowledge and to work toward acceptance of all aspects of a person or a situation (e.g., the good, the bad, and the ugly). Acceptance is not the same as condoning or permitting what may be harmful or unskillful. It is an active process of meeting reality as it is, and then seeing where change is possible.

Additional values that guide the mission of Clearpoint Psychology include professionalism and ethical, client-centered care; authenticity; pragmatism; and learning as a life-long process.